OPEN IN EXCEL is not opening the Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations screen in Excel

I recently wanted to check if I could open the terms of payment screen from D365 F&O in excel. Idea being that I add some new terms in excel and then publish these additions from excel to D365. However, on selecting this menu option, I noticed the connection details not opening but instead the below screen appearing, and the Load applets didn’t do anything for me either.

Open In Excel

This is when I tried to sign out from excel signed in again. What had happened was that I have 2 office365 accounts and the one that I had signed into in Excel was not the same account as my D365 login credentials. So, if you have more than 1 office365 account, best is to login to excel using the same credentials that you have logged into D365. Cheers, have a good one!


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